A bunch of Windows stuff people typically don’t know about

CMD stuff

powercfg /ENERGY // test windows power consumption

powercfg /BATTERYREPORT //detailed battery test and info

powercfg /AVAILABLESLEEPSTATES //see what idle states your BIOS and CPU allows

bcdedit /enum //display volume and bootloader info

bcdedit /set testsigning on //disable patchguard

bcdedit /set testsigning off //enable patchguard

tasklist //list all active processes

tasklist /m>>processimports.txt //dumps all processes and their non-static imports to file

tasklist /m /FI “IMAGENAME eq Chrome.exe”>>chromeimports.txt //all non-static modules loaded by Google Chrome

cleanmgr /verylowdisk //cleans the disk of useless files

cleanmgr /autoclean //removes old Windows install files

pkgmgr  /iu:”TelnetClient” //enable old MS telnet client

powershell -ExecutionPolicy ByPass Get-AuthenticodeSignature -FilePath ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe’ //check executable against MS AuthentiCode

dir /s /b %SystemRoot%\*.sys //find all drivers under :\Windows\

There are some good things with powershell too, but it’s basically a full programming language with an interface to .NET. One good use is importing and exporting x509 certs(https) and RSA keys to CSP and TPM.

Fixing limetorrent.cc seed-sort

Limetorrent either has lazy, incompetent, or both developers.. Trivial UI and query bugs all over the place.. Almost as bad as ThePirateBay.

F12 and paste in console and hit enter on a fresh search page. Precisely sorted torrents


Blockquote is all we have on wordpress hosted blogs(and it has format bugs).. No Plugins or embedding JS in posts. Sharing pastebin links is the best I’ve found for sharing code in posts..

Why not to buy Chinese motorcycles and ATVs

  1. Weird alloy used on the engine casing and cylinder that doesn’t like being machined or bored and even cracks under some common cases
  2. CVT based transmission that no matter the tuning will not maintain posted speed limit on most gradients with 150cc and 50cc; No CVT weight configuration will maintain low-diameter at sustainable high-RPM. Rev limit doesn’t even do it because of centrifugal clutch slipping from CVT&wheel force. Stronger clutch spring helps very little and wears fast..
  3. 250cc dual-sport and ATV options have the same weak-metal used on exhaust mounts and engine-block. 250cc dual-sport requires higher RPM to be even close to posted speed on a gradient. Sprocket mods don’t really solve the whole problem..
  4. Ugly&cheap decorations even on the excaust that usually break loose and rattle
  5. They all have electronic/auto chokes that will sometimes choke out in the middle of riding and flood the carburator
  6. Non-ABS plastics that almost behave like cheap acrylics, and it’s extremely hard if not impossible to source new plastics

Buy Italy, Germany, Spain, USA, or Japanese.. The difference between QA and support is night and day..

A few quality makers













Facebook Market tools

Facebook market is about the only thing I use FB for, and just barely, and only because it’s got less people trying to flip junk or scam than CraigsList.. I went with eBay’s local-market site(eBay Classifieds?) a while but there just wasn’t enough exposure.

They have some quirky filtering system that resets other filters transparently when you try to set another filter. Like under Vehicles in many cases price-range or year-range will clear when you set mileage-range.. In some cases not. Using a search word or phrase after setting filters clears all filters and searches the whole market..

Here is a super-simple JS bookmark you can use to view in-order all the filters used in the current result-output..

javascript:var ss=document.location.pathname.split(“/”)[3]+”\n”;for(var i=0;i<document.location.search.split(“&”).length;i++){ss=ss+document.location.search.split(“&”)[i].replace(“?”,””)+”\n”};alert(ss);

Even SanDisk is mislabeling SD cards on the market


Class Ratings
Class 2 2MB/s
Class 4 4MB/s
Class 6 6MB/s
Class 8 8MB/s
Class 10 10MB/s
UHS/U Ratings
UHS-1 10MB/s
UHS-3 30MB/s
Video/V Ratings
V6 6MB/s
V10 10MB/s
V30 30MB/s
V60 60MB/s
V90 90MB/s

The best SD cards should have Class 10, UHS-3, and V90. According to SanDisk there is no “UHS-2” and UHS has nothing to for with the classes(despite what you’ll see on eBay and Amazon), and if the host doesn’t support UHS bus mode it falls back to class mode to the highest class supported.

Additionally UHS isn’t just an extension of speed classes, but an entirely different bus. A question you can’t really find an answer to is which bus V/Video uses to get around 100MB/s.

I do know these all have ARM based processors, and I would guess they increase clock-speed and buffer size on the premium cards.

Fastest 64GB MicroSD: SDSQXPJ-064G-ANCM3

Fastest 128GB MicroSD: SDSQXPJ-128G-ANCM3

Neither of those feature V90 or any other V spec for that matter and can reach over 200MB/s. This is a confusing market..

WordPress import/export design annoyance

WordPress doesn’t embed media in BASE64 format in it’s XML like it should and instead embeds the absolute path and prompts the user for the files upon import. What’s more is they make actual XML nodes for everything in your media library as attachment post types, but it’s only meta data.. God forbid there be 50KB-11MB blobs in the XML..

I wrote a python script that basically does was WP export does with all-content and is compatible with the WP import system. It works on offline SQL dumps and media directories though(as is my case).. I couldn’t automate media import because of this, though.. Not on WordPress.com hosted blogs.


Update and FFMPEG HLS ripping

I made a post about this on my old blog, but I’ve used it a while since, and I found out I have to recover data from the TAR GoDaddy created unless I can get another unpacker to work, and since I’m slightly lazy and slightly busy it hasn’t been done yet(even though the tools are ready).

I’ll merge below new posts what I manage to recover from the SQL table in that TAR, later..

Basically, most big streaming vendors out there in 2018 are using HLS(HTTP Live Streaming) with or without AES 128bit CBC segment encryption, and with or without session timeouts on embedded segment key-URI. By “big” I mean like Netflix, Discovery Network(science channel etc..), most podcast networks with video etc..

I suggest the 64bit static nightly portable builds from ffmpeg.org for this work.

You typically need a packet sniffer that can watch TLS HTTP streams(sadly I don’t think any use local root store and hooks and just handle it transparently locally; you’d need sslsplit which can do HSTS MITM(but not pinning) etc..) or a Dev Tools like option in your browser that monitors network resources like Chrome has under F12.

You need to watch for the very first m3u8 in your HTTP stream using whichever method, and once you have that depending on if the host uses session timeouts on root(AES key in root m3u8 that decrypts segment keys; only used some places) and segment keys, then you may need to act hastily.

The command:

ffmpeg -protocol_whitelist https,tls,tcp,file -i <full path to the root m3u8> -c copy -map 0:p:2 <output file name>.mp4

You’ll notice the -map 0:p:2. Most root m3u8 have multiple videos and a audio option like the following(minus the audio option but it’s basically the same as video, and minus a a root AES key used to decrypt segment keys) :

<child m3u8 URL HERE>
<child m3u8 URL HERE>
<child m3u8 URL HERE>

That looks like this to FFMPEG:


So.. -map 0:p:2 tells FFMPEG we want input 0, “Program 2”

To finish this up. Here is how to have FFMPEG convert to another video codec in the same command with full hardware acceleration:

ffmpeg -hwaccel auto -protocol_whitelist https,tls,tcp,file -i <full path to the root m3u8> -c:a copy -c:v libx265 -map 0:p:2 <output file name>.mp4

Replace “libx265” with anything you see in “-codecs”. To me 265/HEVC is the best thing out there till AOM AV1 is finished in terms of size:quality efficiency.

Use this to see a list of hardware accelerations on your system

ffmpeg -hwaccels